Schnups, that’s Lara, when she’s busy drawing. In her studio overlooking the Forest of Odes in Heidelberg, she creates entire worlds on paper, making it look playfully simple.

From creating postcards & invitations, over the visual conversion of complex texts to illustrations on trauma therapy in professional literature: With her illustrations, Lara gets to the heart of each subject. She lives off variety and ever keeps on learning that way.

Inspired by graphic novels, Bastien Vivès & Quentin Blake she prefers the use of classic tools such as brushes, pens & watercolor. She prefers to rather implement a good idea well right away instead of overly post processing a poor one. That way, Lara supports change-makers – individuals and organizations – to communicate their message simply & comprehensibly.

She loves to conjure life & merriment on paper, to bring beauty into the black-and-white of texts and to use a myriad of colors to really celebrate festive occasions. Yet she also approaches complex topics impressively easier than it would be possible using complicated words.

If – instead of an illustrator – you’re looking for a creative partner for your project or organization, visit where Lara combines visual thinking with profound knowledge of learning, participation and organizational development.